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Does trafficshield supports wordpress integration?

Yes, We have custom designed wordpress plugin for wordpress websites. Trafficshield can be used with any website like HTML, PHP, WordPress & shopify.

Can i integrate it with third party trackers?

Yes, you can easily integrate any tracker that is based on dynamic parameters passing with our platform (like: like: Voluum, Prosper, Imobi, Cpvlab).

How can i upgrade my plan?

You can do it from your accounts section. But if you are in middle of month in that case you can contact support.

What is AI in trafficshield?

AI is our exclusively designed algorithm which analyse IP's, Bots behaviour, proxies ,etc on hourly basis and update itself.

Do i get support from trafficshield in paid plan?

Yes, We provide 24x7 chat/remote support for our premium customers. For Starter plan we provide only ticket based support.

How Can I Pay For My Purchase?

We accept payment in following modes:

  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Crypto in some cases

For crypto you need to contact support.

What is considered as bad traffic?

Apart from bots & crawlers, our platform also blocks bad traffic identified with: DataCenters, Hosting & VPS servers, virtual private networks (VPN), anonymous & private proxies, satellite providers, clouds IPs providers, public & residential proxies and many more.

Do you offer discounts on plans?

Yes, we provide discounts on quarterly, Half-yearly and annual subscriptions. Please contact support for more information.

Which networks can be cloaked by trafficshield?

Trafficshield is tested on all major networks available like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Taboola, Facebook and many more.