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Why Bing Ads Account Blocked?

Bing Ads account blocked? Here’s How To Fix It and Best practices.

Having your Bing Ads Account getting blocked hours after creating is a jarring experience. Every time a newly created Bing ads account gets blocked with this message.

Bing Ads Account Blocked

Based on our review, your account has been closed. For privacy and security reasons, we cannot provide details around your specific account closure, but the most common reasons that require us to close Bing Ads accounts include:

The payment method on file was not authorized by the account owner.
The account was accessed without authorization.
The account is related to an account that was previously closed.
The account was determined to be high-risk to other customers or advertisers, as stated in our Editorial Guidelines.

As described in the Bing Ads Terms and Conditions, we do not need to state a specific reason for account closure. Please know that we have taken this matter seriously and have thoroughly investigated the issue. This decision is final and we consider the issue closed.”

Even if you contact bing ads support you will not get any promising resolution. Here we are about to know what actually happens when you create a new account and how to get it up and running.

Reasons for Bings Ads Account Block

1. Multiple Ad Accounts

As we all know creating multiple ad accounts is a big task and almost all advertising networks take this very seriously. If you created multiple accounts using the same GEO and IP and system then you will be banned from creating new accounts in Bing.

2. Low-Quality IP

Getting banned from advertising due to IP is very common.  Using any cloud computing solution nowadays is a hassle most IPs are banned by advertising and publishing networks. It’s always better to check your IP before signing into the Bing ads account. provides a tool in the dashboard to check IP thoroughly.

3. Website Crawl Errors

If bingbots are not able to crawl your website it’s a problem. This can lead to your account being blocked. Let’s take a quick look at some scenarios:

  • DNS Issues
  • Bad Shared Hosting
  • Bad cloaking techniques.
  • Malicious code is located on the landing page.

4. Payment Method for Bing Ads

Microsoft Ads does not take billing verification lightly. If you are using the same payment method again and again for multiple ad accounts then there are chances of getting permanently banned. Always follow these steps to get through.

  • Enter your name and billing information correctly
  • Always use proper Zip as registered
  • Enter a valid card that was not banned by Microsoft Ads.

5. Cloaking – Prevent Bing Ads Account Blocked.

Cloaking refers to the practice of presenting different content or URLs to human users and search engines. Traffic Cloaking is considered a violation of Microsoft Ads Webmaster Guidelines because it provides users with different results than they expected. uses the latest AI-based algorithms to improve cloaking methods and improve account life.

Click on this link to follow best practices for cloaking.

Apart from these options, there is a number of reasons available for the Microsoft ads account ban. It’s better if you always go through quality policies