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What is TrafficShield?

TrafficShield is an advanced cybersecurity solution designed to protect websites and online assets from various forms of malicious traffic, including bots, scrapers, and other automated attacks. It employs sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify and mitigate threats in real-time, ensuring the integrity and availability of web services while maintaining a positive user experience.

What can i advertise with TrafficShield?

You can advertsise anything as TrafficShield is not an advertising platform; rather, it is a cybersecurity solution designed to protect websites and online assets from malicious traffic.

Does trafficshield provide API?

No, As of now wew do not giving public access via API's

Does it work with paid ad networks like Google, Bing, Meta, etc?

Yes, TrafficShield can work effectively alongside paid advertising networks such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Meta (formerly Facebook Ads), and others. By integrating TrafficShield with your online assets, you can ensure that your paid advertising campaigns are protected from fraudulent activity, such as click fraud or bot traffic, which can waste your advertising budget and skew performance metrics. TrafficShield helps maintain the integrity of your paid advertising efforts by filtering out malicious traffic, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns and achieve better ROI.

What is referral program?

The referral program of TrafficShield offers participants the opportunity to earn up to 20% of the subscription amount paid by individuals who purchase a subscription through their referral link. These earnings can be received monthly as a direct payment or adjusted against the referrer's own subscription amount, providing a flexible incentive for promoting TrafficShield's services.

Why Trafficshield is better than others?

  1. Advanced AI Technology: TrafficShield utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to accurately detect and mitigate various forms of malicious traffic, providing robust protection against evolving cybersecurity threats.
  2. Real-time Threat Response: With real-time threat response capabilities, TrafficShield can quickly identify and neutralize malicious traffic before it can cause harm, ensuring uninterrupted service availability.
  3. Customizable Security Policies: TrafficShield offers flexible security policies that users can customize based on their specific needs and preferences, providing tailored protection against threats.
  4. Seamless Integration: TrafficShield seamlessly integrates with popular web platforms, content management systems (CMS), and advertising networks, enabling users to protect their online assets without disrupting existing workflows.
  5. Transparent Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools provide insights into website traffic patterns, security events, and threat mitigation efforts, empowering users to monitor their security posture effectively.
  6. Competitive Pricing: Compared to other solutions, TrafficShield offers competitive pricing, making robust cybersecurity protection more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Its affordable pricing plans ensure excellent value for money without compromising on security features.

  7. These points collectively demonstrate TrafficShield's superiority in providing comprehensive and affordable cybersecurity protection for websites and online assets.

Trafficshield offers top-notch security at unbeatable prices.

How much does Trafficshield costs?

Trafficshield is a subscription service, it means you have to pay on monthly basis. It depends on subscription what you have subscribed for.

How do i make payments?

Trafficshield offers multiple payment options like:

  • Card Payments
  • Paypal Payments
  • Crypto Payments - only for premium plans

Can i upgrade my subscription?

Yes, You can upgrade your subscription at any point of time from lower one.

TrafficShield seamlessly supports all integrations

Can trafficshield supports wordpress integration?

Yes, TrafficShield supports seamless integration with WordPress, ensuring robust cybersecurity protection for WordPress websites.

Can i integrate trafficshield with Shopify?

Yes, TrafficShield can be integrated with Shopify, providing reliable cybersecurity protection for Shopify websites and online stores

Do you provide documentation or video tutorials for integration methods?

Yes, We have complete documentation and Video tutorial available for integration.

TrafficShield's comprehensive suite of inbuilt tools

What is Page Builder?

Page Builder offers a user-friendly interface where users can drag and drop elements, such as text boxes, images, videos, and buttons, to design their web pages.

What is URL Shortner?

A URL shortener is a tool or service that converts a long URL (Uniform Resource Locator) into a shorter, more manageable link. This shortened link redirects users to the original, longer URL when clicked.

What is Bot Check Tool?

In TrafficShield bot check tool checks your cloak URL how bot sees it.

What are Analytics? is it same as google analytics?

Yes, In analytics you can check realtime visitor information like Google Analytics.