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With our technology you can Maximize your ROI by ensuring genuine engagement and eliminating wasteful ad spend

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The constant evolution of threats and the race for more sophisticated tools to combat them means that security is changing rapidly.


AI Detection

TrafficShield's AI Detection swiftly identifies and blocks fraudulent clicks, safeguarding your ad campaigns and maximizing campaign effectiveness.


Realtime Detection

TrafficShield's real-time detection ensures immediate identification and prevention of fraudulent activity, safeguarding your online advertising investments effectively


Advance Filtering

Our advanced filtering system offers customizable parameters, empowering users to tailor their traffic filters according to diverse criteria for enhanced protection.


Geo Targeting

Our GEO targeting system empowers users to select precise locations for targeting, optimizing reach and engagement with tailored audiences


Dynamic Token Passing

Implement dynamic token passing for enhanced tracking of landers and conversion performance, bolstering security measures for optimal campaign management.


Traffic Sources Compatibility

Compatible with almost all paid networks, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of traffic sources for enhanced campaign performance.


Referrer Spoofing

Our advanced referrer spoofing technology allows affiliates to utilize this tactic effectively while maintaining campaign integrity and accurate tracking.


Realtime Reporting

Access real-time reporting with comprehensive cost analysis, empowering you to track expenses and optimize your strategies for maximum ROI.


Custom Filters

Utilize our customizable filters, empowering users to tailor their own criteria for precise traffic management and optimization to ensure best campaign results.

Thats not all

Boost Your revenue with our more unique features


Page Builder

Easily design captivating web pages using our built-in page builder, empowering you to express your creativity without any technical hurdles.



Streamline your links with our URL shortener, ensuring concise and user-friendly URLs for your campaigns and promotions.


IPv4 and
IPv6 Support

Trafficshield offers comprehensive support for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, ensuring compatibility and seamless operation across diverse network infrastructures


Bot Checker

Utilize our Bot Checker Tool to assess how your landing page appears to bots, ensuring optimal visibility and performance of your campaign

Precise Filtering

Trafficshield analyzes clicks based on IP score and Risk Factors for enhanced protection

Trafficshield conducts thorough evaluations of each click, scrutinizing IP scores and multiple risk factors to safeguard against fraud and malicious activity. With its meticulous analysis, it provides robust protection, ensuring a secure environment for online operations

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