Why are ad accounts being banned?

Why are ad accounts banned?

  1. Bad quality ad accounts. Most of the time, the advertiser doesn’t know how to create good quality accounts with a) residential IPs (we recommend residential proxies from Luminati) ) a virtual machine or environment like MultiLoginApp. Not all ad accounts are the same!
  2. The timezone on the ad account PC doesn’t match the local timezone of the IP used to create the account. This will get you caught.
  3. Account created with data center IPs like Amazon EC2 and other VPS providers. These are too obvious to catch. Real advertisers don’t live in a data center!
  4. Not using SSL on the pages where you’ve placed the cloaking code.
  5. Not reading ad network policies and not taking the time to craft your safe pages, ad copies, targeting in accordance with their policy or simply failing to interpret it correctly. If you don’t read and understand, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to improve your game.
  6. Not having enough ad spend history. Even a bank asks for your credit score before offering you a credit card. Why should it be any different here? There are simply too many people trying to get free ad spend or engaged in duping the ad network. They assume every account to be fraud by default and it’s up to you to prove otherwise.
  7. Creating ad accounts from a country with the most violations of the ad policy in a very similar way. This holds true for countries like IN etc… infamous on pop networks for circumventing their ad policy to run tech support ads. The pop networks now consider everyone from IN to be running tech support and they don’t even look at your page to know this!
  8. Believing the crowd. Lots of people falsely claim that “X doesn’t work or Y has stopped working” to stop others from using profitable strategies which still work well. Competitors aren’t there to help you, everyone wants less competition and easy life.
  9. Comparing your ad account stats with others. This one simply doesn’t work. Everyone is doing things differently unless you are 100% copying the process of your friend.
  10. Not developing your own style of campaigns. If you want your ad accounts to survive months or years then you must develop your own style of campaigns and stop following the market. It takes a lot of effort to reach this level but you’ll find stability here.
  11. The name of the game is adapt or die trying. Your best methods will come and go… you’ve no other choice but to improve your game. If your old strategies no longer work, simply move on! No point in wasting your energy on something which doesn’t work. Use your existing experience to find your new pathways to success.

Getting banned is part of the game.